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 Namek Quests

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PostSubject: Namek Quests   Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:20 pm

I. Traitor!
A local Namekian warrior has turned for the worst! He has gone down the path of evil, you'll be paid to kill him, but a little boy comes up to you, and asks you to turn him good instead so he can see him again. The boy claims to be his son, will you bring his Father back to him or kill him?
Requirements: None
Rewards: -5 Alignment, +250 Zennie ( If killed ), +10 Alignment ( If brought back )

II. Helping the Traitor,
You brought back the traitor back to the light, the community are proud of what you done. The Namekian that turned evil tells you that he went evil because some Saiyans have convinced him. He asks you to capture them, and bring them to justice, he says he has nothing to give you. But he'll put a word for you to Guru.
Requirements: Completed the good ending in ' Traitor! '
Rewards: +10 Alignment

III. Unlocking your Potential
You've heard of the Namekian Guru, being able to unlock people's potential. The only problem is, you have to prove to him that your good, Namekians can sense evil in people's hearts.
Requirements: +50 Alignment, if completed ' Helping the Traitor ' the requirement is lowered to +30 Alignment.

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Namek Quests
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