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 Legendary super saiyan

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PostSubject: Legendary super saiyan   Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:10 pm

Zack walks around the planet vegeta only to find trouble in his grasp.He sees a changlings space ship with guards with the power level of 5000 each.Damn it there are just too many.Just as he took a step back he heard a scream.What was that?.He hurrys towards the saiyan screaming.What happened here.When he reached the saiyan it was too late.The saiyan had already died.Who did this.Hahahaha.(No way this cant be).When he turned around he saw the most Deadly changling in the entire universe.Freiza!!!,you'll pay for this.Oh my I'm so frightened.Hahaha.No!!!!,I won't let you.Zack's heart filled with rage and sadness.I wont let you destroy the planet again.Memories of the lost people of Vegeta filled his mind.The rage and sadness turned into power.The planet shaked like never before.His eyes turned blue then green.His hair stood up and shined gold.Aaah!!.When frieza got free of the shining light he saw Zack far stronger than him.He couldn't even check his power level.But when he used a scouter V.4,he was able to find it out .Zack's power level had become 25500 and it was still going up.When it stopped his power level was 100000.Freiza was frightened so he called the elite changlings from his planet.All the changlings changed to their last form.and everyone together was 60000.Zack blew the changlings all into deep space.Your turn.Freiza charged up a Death ball and threw it at him but he held the ball with his index finger and thew it at Frieza he flew off from his space ship but the death ball caught him.You may have won this time little monkey but I will return.and next time you will lose.Well I will be looking forward to that day.
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Legendary super saiyan
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