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 Super intense training

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PostSubject: Super intense training   Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:37 pm

Zack uses his saiyan pod to go to a unknown planet to train.This looks like a nice planet.Too bad its going to be destroyed.The moons closer than I thought.Zack looks at the moon and turns into a ozura.He controls himself for hours and when the day comes he falls down.When he wakes up its night time again.He keeps control over his ozura form again and again.Then when its the tenth day he turns into an ozura again but he hears something.When he gets there he sees a changling.He decides to destroy the changling before it becomes stronger.He shoots a blast from his mouth and destroys the changlings space ship then he fights the changling head on.He recognizes the changling.The changling is frieza.He throws a power fist at frieza.longtime no see monkey.The sun suddenly rises up.Zack quickly finishes him off before seeing the sun.He feels numbness everywhere.But frieza still lived.Both of them were on the ground.Zack got more energy due to the inguries and ozura transformations.Frieza was on the ground.Zack charged up a final attack.Ozura fist!!!.Frieza gets beaten away to his planet.Zack fell on the ground and woke up 2 days later.Now he tries multiform like namekians.He does it successfully the first time.The other 3 Zack fight against the original.The original quickly spots the moon and transforms to ozura.The replicas also see the moon and they all fight as a ozura.By the next day the original won.But he kept multiforming until 1 week later.He slept on that day for 4 days.When he woke up he worked on his kiaoken technique.Haft a day later he learned everything.But it still wasn't enough so he used all his techniques together and trained for 4 days and slept for 4 days.
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Super intense training
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