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PostSubject: Earth   Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:46 am

Zack was walking on new vegeta one day when he heard some saiyans talking about a secret Holy water in a secret tower on planet earth.Zack was determined to find out.So he used his space pod to go to Earth.Zack was about to land on earth when he saw the tower.He went up and up but couldn't find the entrance.But he knew anything could be possible if you just believe in it.Just as he said that a door appeared.His heart became rid of evil and he knocked the door gently.The door opened and there was a talking cat.The cats name was Korin.
"What brings you here?".The cat asked.I heard you have holy water."Aahh,so you've come to get the holy water"."Yes may I please have it".He said politely."You'll have to catch me first"."Okay but you'll have to give it to me once I catch you."Hey you're cheating".You've got light cloths".He said as he gave him heavier cloths."These are really heavy".He said gasping for air."Looks like you're losing your pride al-"."No my pride is my soul".He said running faster than Korin."Woah okay you caught me".Korin said as Zack caught him."Now give me the holy water"."Here you go"."This is fake".He said spitting it out."Thats right.But running to catch me did make you feel stronger,faster"."Yes I apologize for my rudeness,I now understand what are your ways of teaching".
"Well since you've been so nice I guess I should tell you about the ultra divine water"."Whats that"."Its a bottle of mystical water,If someone drinks it he or she will become stronger,But there is a chance of them dieing,only few have survived"."Where is it"."Its right here".He said taking out a bottle."Are you ready"."Yes".He drinks the bottle and coughs a little but survives."Amazing you did it".
"Well I have some information that I know that you'll like".What"."The flying nimbus,It's a cloud which can fly passengers all around the the world.But it will only show to those with pure hearts.You can call it by whistling".Zack whistles and flying nimbus comes."You're more pure hearted than I thought".
"Could you do a favor for me"."Yeah"."I have a message for one of my friends send it to him".Korin said while giving Zack a note and map."You'll get a nice reward if get it to him".1 minute later Zack arrives giving korin a note."Here you go".He said giving Zack a bean."Whats this little bean supposed to do"."This bean can restore all your strength and health in a micro second"."Thank you".
"No thank you,I wasn't able to talk to my friend for a week."How about I repay you by giving you a master".Where is this master"."He lives on an Island North of here".Without a second to lose Zack sets off to the new master."Hello,young traveler can you escort me to my house over there".He says pointing towards the sea."Sure"he says flying all the way to an island."Thank you"."Are you the martial arts master."Yes and if you want to become my apprentice you will have have to find my 3 magazines"."Oh you mean these"."Yes,but how did you find them"."I had to trade them from some people who found them".
"Well as of now you are an apprentice.My name is master Roshi and your first task is easy wear one of my turtle shells get used to it by one day and then we will have a spar"."I want to wear your heaviest shell"."Here you go"."This is heavier than the last armor".2 hours later."Hey where did you go,it's time".Master Roshi said.Suddenly Zack appeared."What was that".He stunningly said."Too fast?".Both of them start the spar and of course Zack won."You win".
"But now I'm going to finalize your training,Your second and last task is to learn the kamehameha wave,You will use it on a bigger boulder than I will".The next day both of them use the kamehameha wave and both of them destroy the boulders.
The next day Zack goes to find the crane hermit another master at martial arts master.Zack finds the crane hermit at a shop of bird food."You are now my apprentice and the first task is to tame a wild beast then use it to terrorize the village then defeat the beast again and again".Zack finds a Giant Fire monster and he tames the beast then does the first task.
"I am now going to finalize your training,this time you have to learn my most powerful attack the dodon ray".Zack learns and masters the dodon ray and sleeps.
When he woke up he saw the police station is in danger so he sets off to become a policeman.Zack finds a policeman being bullied by a local godfather.He sends the godfather back to where he belongs with one swift kick."Thank you is there any way I can repay you"."Yes I want to become a policeman like you"."of course,beeeep-beeep-beeeep,You're now our captain".
"Well first we'll have to save the bank from the godfathers".Zack Saves the bank in the blink of an eye.
"Now where are the godfathers attacking"."In the police station,Sir"."Please,just call me Zack"."Okay Zack".Zack sends the Godfathers crying back home and he becomes a true hero of Earth.
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