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 The secret room

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PostSubject: The secret room   Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:23 am

Zack was flying around planet namek when he saw a tunnel. He saw three changlings guarding a room each with the power level of 15,000.He knew he was no match for their strength."Maybe I have to attack them without being seen”. He said while eating a pill. He suddenly became invisible.He hit the left one and the left one hit the middle one. The two fought outside and the pill effect wore off.
"Oh no!".He said as the last one started attacking. He only had one tactic left. He saw the moons and he became a ozura.He pounded the changling in a matter of seconds.The other two came and also started attacking. He dodged all of their attacks, and then he threw a mountain at them and finished them off with a big blue beam from the mouth.
After the fight he did not know how to change back. He then put boulders next to all the moons to block them. He changed back and went to the room. He suddenly fell to the ground. There was a device saying 100 gravity.
He tried to reach it. Once he reached it he changed it to 50 gravity. He walked as slow as a turtle, But one hour later he ran faster than ever. He changed the gravity to 200.He fell down and walked slower than turtles. This went on until he was on 600 gravity. He was now faster than his space pod."This feels great. But I still have not broken my limits”. He then starts push ups.
4 hours later."9998...9999...10000".He then falls to the ground and takes a bath."I still have not broken my limits”. He says while he changes armor. He then powers up and punches and kicks in mid air for hours."My hair is getting in the way”. He says while cutting his hair with his hand. He now shot beams on himself. He rested for hours after he completed his training.He now put on the heaviest armor. And changed the gravity level to maximum gravity 50.He kept on practicing till he reached the end.
” I think I reached my limit”. He said while powering up. He took the best equipment and left. He stayed on planet namek for 12 days practicing his Ozura form. Now he left and went back to Planet Vegeta.
(I want 8,000 pl and mastered Ozura form.)
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The secret room
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