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 Zack (or Cloud)

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Name: Zack
Race: Saiyan
Power Level:

PostSubject: Zack (or Cloud)   Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:48 am

Name: Zack or even Cloud

Nickname: no

Alias: Pure good

Age: 5

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyin

Special Characteristics:Born with the special power of the legendary super saiyan.(His twin also has it.)

Personality: super kind, cool,really strong, courageous

Personal Traits: I'm not sure what that means

Height: 4ft

Weight: 26kg

Hair Colour: Black when normal and Red when limit broken.

Hair Style: Like goku's and Like ssj4 when limit broken

Skin Tone: like goku Jr

Build: musclebound when serious

Appearance: super Strong, he wears the uniform goku wears, medium

Handiness: I'm not sure what that means

Personal history: He and his twin brother Cloud were born with the power level of 40,000 when planet vegeta exploded.Their parents were killed by the blast.Their parents are the royal family.They were sent to planet Earth to be safe because of their power level.But supreme Kai saw their power and adopted them.He gave Zack the newly made blade the GT sword even more powerful than the Z sword at the age of 3.He was able to lift the sword easily.His brother got the Z2 sword as powerful as the GT sword also at the age of 3.The both of them reached the finals in the otherworld and ended in a tie.The supreme Kai gave them the super Potara earrings which can last forever,when they fused their swords combined into a super powerful sword,The AF sword.Their power level became 100,000.They can be called Zack or Cloud.And when they break their limits they look like Gogeta super saiyan 4.At the age of five they were unstoppable.They dream about the evil that will occur so when they wake up they stop it.
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Zack (or Cloud)
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