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PostSubject: Xalthias   Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:12 pm


Name: Xalthias Uthar
Nickname: "grumpy"
Alias: N/A
Age: younge adult
Gender: male
Race: Tuffle
Special Characteristics:fondness of animals and distain for sentience, though no specific animosity towards the saiyans
Personality:Cold and calm on the surface, though like a thin sheet of ice, he may appear placid but your never quite sure how troubled the waters benith it truely are, though in most social situations he is little more than a shy oaf
Personality Traits: talks to himself outloud on occasion and is prone to fast and mechanical speach when exposed to social situations that make him feel uncomfortable.


Height: 5 ft
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: Shoulder length, straight, beardless.
Skin Tone: Pale caucasian
Build: lithe to the point of skeletal
Appearance: a tall and spindly tuffle, wearing a slightly modified version of the mark 1 tuffle armour, namely one without shoulder flares so as to allow him to wear it under his "captains coat", his love of estoric and ancient fashions is evident from not only this but the white cravat and bronze buckled belt he is never seen without (if he can help it)
Handiness: ambidextrous


Personal History: Born to a middle cast tuffle family on earth, xalthias led an ordinary childhood, fearing the xenophobic reactions of humanity to bebi, his perants chose to hide there tuffle heritage both from the world and there son, much to the distain of what xalthias belived to be his grandfather, but was infact the head of another tuffle family whoms mate had died and children had left to pursue there own way in the world, it was he whom upon Xalthias' 18th birthday revealed his otherworldly heritage to him and the history of his people, gifting him with the ancient burst rifle and armour he himself had once earned and attempting to implant the racial hatred of the sayians within the youngsters mind to no avail. now with his keen mind and natural curiosity, Xalthias seeks to learn more about his people, himself and the rest of the now seemingly much more diverse universe around him, burdend with his self-doubt, the expectations of his surrogate grandfather and the terrible view of his species created by bebis actions.
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