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 Midwing Chambers the saiyan!

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PostSubject: Midwing Chambers the saiyan!   Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:16 pm


Name: (Midwing Chambers)
Nickname: ( Middy)
Alias: ( Yami )
Age: ( 26 )
Gender: ( Manl)
Race: Saiyan
Special Characteristics: (Has a mask over his eyes like robin, wears a cape on his armor that is black )
Personality: ( Fun and easy going, but hates criminals )
Personality Traits: Insults and disrespects his opponents but jokes with his friends


Height: ( 5 foot 11.5 )
Weight: ( 220 pounds )
Hair Color: ( Black )
Hair Style: ( Pony tail )
Skin Tone: (Brown )
Build: ( Athletic )
Appearance: ( He's wearing a nightwing mask with a ponytail down his back in saiyan armor. He also has a tail wrapped around his waist)
Handiness: ( He's right handed but can use his left as well when fighting)


Personal History:

(A saiyan born in a saiyan outpost on new vegeta, hidden away in the mountains. He was given the earth name and trained, he didn't like the fact that there was crime on the planet, one day, the saiyan yelled at the outpost. "I'm going to start protecting the earth anyway i know how." He then got stopped by a earth hybid saiyan. "when you go to earth, try to feel out two types of energy. One is perverted and one is strict, you trained with me so you should know how to feel that out." And with that, Yami went into space from new vegeta to earth. He landed in a desert, took his ship and found a cave. He placed the ship there and just decided to sense out the stricter, more killer like energy, which took him into a town.)
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PostSubject: Re: Midwing Chambers the saiyan!   Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:19 pm

Bump, waiting to be approved.
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Midwing Chambers the saiyan!
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