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 Zunga Oroeoe [DONE]

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PostSubject: Zunga Oroeoe [DONE]   Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:26 pm


Name:Zunga Oroeoe
Alias: Dont think so
Age: 23
Gender: Boy
Race:Half saiyan Half human
Special Characteristics: trying to overistimate somebody. As this will improve his reflextions. To explain it some better. If you underistimate somebody, you wont do your best. If you overistimate somebody. You will be more on gaurd. And you will be sharper on the movements. He has find this out trough experience.
Personality:Zunga is your typical villian. An old heartless, arrogant, smart, deadly, Fightlover, killing bastard. He doesnt talk much, and most of time only when spoken to. As already said he overistimate's everynbody
Personality Traits: Very smart, and good with strategy's.

Height: 6 foot
Weight: 79 kg
Hair Color:White
Hair Style: Sharp pointing to different direction's.
Skin Tone: Black
Build: Very muscular, with a sixpack.
Appearance:He has white hair. And black calm eye, Zunga always wears a black T-shirt. Together with a white pants, similar to that of kid buu. His face is always emotionless and calm.
Handiness:Right, but learned ambidextrous


Personal History:

Child arc

When he was born he wasnt exactly the most beatyfull child of the world. He was very ugly. And despised his parents because of that. He had various attempts of killing his parents. But all of them failed. He ended up killing his classmate to controle his anger. By doing this, he got suspended from school.

Teenager arc.

After killing his dad. He still failed to kill his mom. She told all of his "friends" to run away and dont look back. They did but still got killed by Zunga. Not going to school was a pain in the ass for Zunga. He wouldnt know how humans would react. But at once a namekian came to the planet. Zunga tried to kill him but utterly failed. And got beated up instead. Cause of this madness and depressioness. He killed his own mother, and even eated her body.

Adult life

He had many experience with killing. But still tried to have a good alignment, so he can fake people. He got obsessed with getting experienced in fighting. And fighted in the tournament many times. Because of that he got his overistimade theory.
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PostSubject: Re: Zunga Oroeoe [DONE]   Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:56 am

im done
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Zunga Oroeoe [DONE]
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