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 Romanus Vallens

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Name: Romanus Vallens III
Race: Saiyan
Power Level:

PostSubject: Romanus Vallens   Mon May 06, 2013 12:42 am


Name: Romanus Vallens
Nickname: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: ( 22 )
Gender: ( Male)
Race: Saiyan
Special Characteristics: Loyal to the crown and the Saiyan Empire
Personality: Fights for his race and furthers its Empire's goals. Despises Changlings "Frieza" believes we should make destroying them a top priority.
Personality Traits: Serious and military minded in battle and a team player learned though New Planet Vegeta's Military Officer School. Unleashed political and power ambition's his opinion is that conquest of the Universe with his Saiyan brothers in battle is his and the Saiyan's ultimate destiny. Being Inter-galactic mercenaries are just a means to an end to get to bigger goals. Good leadership skills will take orders from superiors and give orders to those hes appointed over. Has deep connections, being from the famed Vallens family he has a big social circle and the social skills to back it up. Ladies man, a personal weakness and distraction in many Sayians opinions one he guards from those rivals who would use it against him. Ruthless conqueror, well? the weak must suffer what the must. Uses technology and strategy, a weakness his rival Saiyans often take for granted. Outstanding navigator, knowing the layout of the galaxy its short cuts and space pirate hideouts gives him an edge against anyone trying to pursue him. A comedian, finding jokes in everything seems to hide to his friends, enemies and rivals expense when he turns serious in combat and ambition.


Height: ( 5 foot 9)
Weight: ( 217 pounds )
Hair Color: ( Black )
Hair Style: ( spikel )
Skin Tone: (pale)
Build: ( Athletic )
Appearance: Classic Saiyan Amour blue and yellow with black under clothes.


Personal History:

(Romanus Vallens son of Alexos Vallens is a Sayian officer with a family history blood stained in the military warfare the Saiyans has wadges throughout the galaxy his father the esteemed General Alexos who rose though the ranks through famous battles and duels. Romanus is ready to make an name for himself in his own right and rise through the ranks through battle and conquest.
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Romanus Vallens
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