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 Master Roshi's Magazines

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PostSubject: Master Roshi's Magazines   Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:51 pm


" You here to find my magazines? " Said Maser Roshi. " Yes I am as long as you stick to your end of he bargain. " Said Bardock. " DEAL! " Said Master Roshi. Bardock wen in search of Master Roshi's ' Magazines '. " Its been 30 minutes and I still found nothing. " Bardock sees something in the water, is just a peice of glass. 30 minutes later. " A hour past and nothing, this is either harder than I though or there aren't any! Wait, whats that? " Said Bardock as he sees Seegull choking on a clam. Bardock saves the Seegull and when the seegull stands up then Bardock sees that he as sitting on a magazine. " 2 more left. " said Bardock. " so theres 2 more, I got 1 I better give it to master Roshi. " Bardock gives the magazine to Roshi. " Thank you, 2 more young man and hop to it! " Master Roshi said. Bardock flies around the island and sees another magazine floating and he takes it and gives it to master Roshi. " What?! you couldn't save it in time?! " Master Roshi opens the magazine and sees that everyhing faded away. " Oh well, its still one of he magazines. " Said Master Roshi. Bardock flies away and then he sees something, but its not a magazine. Bardock goes and finds the last magazine and brings it to master Roshi. " THANK YOU YOUNG MAN! " Said Master Roshi as he trained Bardock until his Power level increased by 500.

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PostSubject: Re: Master Roshi's Magazines   Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:04 pm


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Master Roshi's Magazines
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