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Name: Buraisu.exe
Race: Android ( Powerr Core Model )
Power Level: 2,000

PostSubject: Buraisu   Fri Dec 25, 2009 4:13 pm


Name: Buraisu.exe
Nickname: Buraisu, Bless
Alias: N/A
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Female
Race: Android [Power Core Model]
Special Characteristics: Power Core - Buraisu steadily regenerates ki over time
Personality: Due to sustained damage to Buraisu's core behavioral systems, she's begun to exhibit what could be deemed "personality." Though she is capable of analyzing given situations with near perfect calculation--and determine chance of outcome to a negligible margin of error--she often opts to refuse cold, hard facts in favor of making seemingly futile attempts. Her developing perseverance--and determination to act in the face of overwhelmingly impossible odds--are most likely going to see her terminated. Though she was never programmed to enforce the law at any level, she also seems to be developing a militant desire to enact the local brand of "justice," and defend where she can those that her calculations deem too weak to defend themselves.
Personality Traits: Bold, Determined, Confident, Quiet


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Color: Blue
Hair Style: Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Stout and rather full-figured, thick in the hips and legs
Appearance: Buraisu's design was never intended to allow her to blend in with human beings, not to any meaningful degree at any rate. Aside from the neon blue hair--usually kept up in Chinese-style buns--a pair of long, black and silver cables extend from the inside of her head. Originally, these were for two purposes: one, was to allow her to be reprogrammed easily from an established terminal. Secondly, her infinite energy engine allowed her to be used as a makeshift power source when not in use. She wears an odd style of Chinese-inspired clothing, which was the uniform of the themed restaurant she worked at before developing further sentience.
Handiness: Ambidextrous


Personal History: Buraisu was, despite her current abilities, not originally programmed to fight--not solely, at any rate. Originally, she was one of many, many androids built for--of all things--waiting tables. With government grants available for local businesses in many regions, these waitress androids are fairly inexpensive for anyone that already possesses the sort of income associated with running a restaurant. They're capable of everything from cooking, cleaning, standard waiting and even bartending. Buraisu isn't even a newer model of these types of commercial android--at fourteen years old, she's actually several generations behind, and it was only through patching and upgrading that she was able to keep up. Purchased pre-used by a themed restaurant, she quickly became a favorite of the regular customers. Wear and tear on her CPU over time--and no doubt a virus or two--lead to various quirks in her behavior, seeming to give her more "personality" than the other android waitresses. In some cases, her computing core even displayed a sort of survival instinct--"learning" processes and behaviors from other newer model waitresses to keep from falling behind. Even as the restaurant came into more money and purchased newer model waitresses, the local love for Buraisu made it hard to get rid of her; she was kept on staff for a period far past her actual usefulness as a waitress.

It wasn't until the restaurant was robbed that Buraisu exhibited blatantly sentient behavior. As guns were pulled and people ducked for cover, Buraisu.exe outright defied any restrictions of programming by boldly walking up to the robbers in question. Bullets bounced off of her metal android husk as she approached, grabbing the guns from their hands and breaking them with ease. Despite having no pre-programmed disposition to stop a robbery or defend the patrons of the restaurant, Buraisu acted without established coding or direction, saving lives and aiding in the arrest of several known criminals. It was a moment of awakening, for Buraisu and the owners of the restaurant. While she had always seemed different, her ability to make decisions and reach conclusions with no prompting or direction whatsoever showed that she had developed a real, functioning sentience--that she had transcended the boundary between what could and could not be considered a thinking creature. As much as she was enjoyed by the customers and the owners themselves, the restaurant felt obligated to let her go--out into the world, where she could further discover herself, and develop more as an actual person, rather than just spend the rest of her existence trapped in the role of a service robot. She has only recently started her journey of discovery, her strong sense of developed justice driving her to right wrongs where she finds them.
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Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
Race: Saiyan
Power Level: 20,250

PostSubject: Re: Buraisu   Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:50 am

Who removed my post? Anyways, I already said, approved,

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