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 Kurosi, Yoto

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Name: Kurosi, Yoto
Race: Saiyan
Power Level: 15,000

PostSubject: Kurosi, Yoto   Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:13 pm


Name: Kurosi, Yoto
Alias: Neutral
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Special Characteristics: Exemplary Ki control, is said to be one of the fastest Saiyans alive.
Personality: Kurosai is one to often ride on emotions. He can never make a good judgment without his emotions being there. On average he is a quiet guy whom would not talk smack to anyone however that is before a fight. While fighting others Kurosai shall be cocky and even use blasts that are unneeded. He often refers to his pre-battle emotions as the three C's. Calm cool and collective, however in a battle its still the three C's. Crap, Crap, and Crap, Kurosi will be nervous as a fight begins and starts off relatively weak. However once started hot in a fight there is no cooling Kurosi down, he will go till he dies or you die which ever comes first. Being a warrior of honor he would not fight a worthy opponent on his back making everything as fair as possible. This could be a reason why he has nearly died in a multitude of fights. Training like mad is a determination from Kurosi he was said to be the fastest Saiyan yet even he knows that that is indeed bull shit. His training is for him to become a legend a super saiyan.
Personality Traits: Quite a serious attitude Kurosi despises jokes and will get angered rather quickly its best not to fire him. He has a cannon like personality that can change whenever.


Height: 5'9''
Weight: 168lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Shaggy and messy, long in the back similar to a mullet.
Skin Tone: A tan type color slightly darker then most saiyans.
Build: Scrawny yet muscular
Appearance: Kurosi like all saiyans were their traditional armor. His armor is a much older model and is broken and chipped off from many battles he has been in. With his scouter on his left side on average is the only eye he sees from. For his right eye is covered by his hair until he moves it back. As you look at his face you notice a rather large scar on his left side and his right side. Both planted around the same area of the cheek. When getting into a fight with a weak changeling he was scarred by the claws of the weak changeling. Kurosi won the fight but will be scarred from it forever.
Handiness: Right


Nothing special happens to Kurosi as a child he begins his training as a warrior. He had remembered the legends of those who can turn into a Super Saiyan, of course at first he thought of it just as a tall tale. As he soon realized those around him had a massive growing power level it finally hit him. It was possible to become a Legendary Super Saiyan just as the stories he had heard. It was possible if anyone he knew that was a Saiyan he was determined to become that "Legendary Super Saiyan." The one with ultimate power to go unmatched however those around him laughed and even said it was just a tall tale. Kurosi would spit upon them and smirk, "Just wait and see I will be the first one with that power." Training day in and day out on cultivated Saibamen, they were already at his strength at most he could only take one on at a time. Pushing himself to his limits, he gradually got stronger but not by much.

To this young age Kurosi has fought many changelings. Mostly weak ones that couldn't even muster up a real energy blast. He had many close encounters to death though none were famous changelings being more and more discouraged. He thought by now 14 long hard years of training it seemed he was at the same power level for too long. "I must be stronger... I have to!" He never forgot his goal nothing would stop in his way to become the legendary Super Saiyan.
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Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
Race: Saiyan
Power Level: 20,250

PostSubject: Re: Kurosi, Yoto   Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:50 am

Well, approved I guess,

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Kurosi, Yoto
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