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 Roshi's Magazines

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PostSubject: Roshi's Magazines   Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:17 am


Kursoi silently sat into his space ship, as he approached Earth. It was unknown to him what this planet was like he was ordered to destroy this forsaken planet by a rich man he was basically a mercenary for hire at this point. Of course already claiming the money he could go back on his word. Perhaps something exciting would happen? As his ship landed in a far off distant area he could sense the strongest power level that was closest to him at least. It wasn't too far by flight, he quickly flew into the direction sensing far weaker humans. They weren't a threat they acted as if they have never seen someone fly before. While finally making it to the small turtle hermit island Kurosi speaks out loud. "So here is the power level that I could sense... Hmm whats this?" He looks at the ground and finds a magazine, he smirks. "Peculiar surprisingly I can't turn away from pictures like these maybe I will just keep this for a while..." "HEEEY! Is that one of my magazines!?" An old man yelled at Kurosi, he had a white beard and some rockin shades on. With a turtle shell on his back? It was purple not much more could be put into detail on the shell.

"My name is Roshi... now that magazine you have there... That's my magazine!" Roshi had some drool while saying this and with a smirk he was hoping that Kurosi would return that magazine. "Listen um... Roshi... I found the magazine and I mean its a nice thing you got." Kurosi smirked he truly wanted to keep the magazine, as he saw Roshi give a strange glare. "Tell ya what then, if you find the other two missing ones I will let ya see it whenever you want. I will even train ya!" Roshi yelled this towards Kurosi, as he himself thought. "Fine then Roshi... its more like I get the better end." "I just want my magazines back! They are my precious." With that said Kurosi was in search for the magazines on the small island. He never imagined it would take this long to find magazines on a small island, "hmm... damn magazines..." Continuing his search Kurosi finally finds one buried deep in the sand by a crab.

Kurosi stared the crab down the crab was literally moments away from chopping the sacred magazine in half. "Let go of it... or you will know true pain!" The crab looked at him as if it was testing him slowly moving its other claw preparing to snip it in half. Kurosi quickly thought to just blast it but then it hit him then the magazine would be ruined. There was only one way to get this magazine... "ARGH!" "CSSSH" Was the sounds that were heard from Kurosi and the crab. The crab was pinched hard on Kurosi's middle finger as he found the second magazine. He smiled just for the fact he out smarted a crab that probably had little to know brains at all. "Now just one more..." Kurosi said as he pulled the crab off of his middle finger.

The last magazine was not too hard for him to find not as long as the second one was. Only two hours were wasted on the final magazine which was in the last place Kurosi would ever look Roshi's bathroom. "Jeez I wonder what this was doing here..." He said to himself sarcastically he approached Roshi with the last magazine. "So you finally found it eh!?" "Yeah, yeah... now hold your end of the deal." "I am a man of my word." He hands the magazines to Kurosi as he looks at it in amazement. One page slowly then to the next page, and here Roshi thought he was perverted. "So when am I gonna start feeling stronger?" Kurosi questioned Roshi as Roshi himself was getting a nose bleed from looking at the magazines. "Well we will start that later." "Roshi my friend this may be the first human friendship I have ever had."
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PostSubject: Re: Roshi's Magazines   Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:11 am

Approved, if your wondering when the training happens, it automatically happens in this quest. You can still make a topic for the training if you want, but you don't have too.

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Roshi's Magazines
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