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PostSubject: Anguish   Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:07 am


Nickname: Anguish
Alias: Sovereign of Agony
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Special Characteristics: Genetic Composition type II
Personality: Cruel, Sadistic, Psychopathic, Intellectual, Dark
Personality Traits: It is not simply enough for this individual to conduct battle with any of his opponents. He breaks down their entire composure by first slaughtering his victims friends, skinning their children, and ravaging their loved ones. He enjoys mutilating their bodies while they are still living and in their final cries of agony, he decapitates them and brings them into battle with him.


Height: Six feet, five inches tall
Weight: One hundred and ninety three pounds
Hair Color: Dark brunette
Hair Style: Long flowing hair, which floats aimlessly in his aura
Skin Tone: A very pale complection. Almost as though he is undead.
Build: A muscular tone that is very lean and almost completely devoid of any fat.
Appearance: His pale complection dressed in layers of leather straps give him a rather dark image to those who gaze upon him. His right sleeve may seem to be a garment, but really it is part of his genetic make-up. It houses the tail which in disguise is viewed as a normal arm. It is only when a small slit in his palm that the arm swells up and reveals the pale white spear that sucks the very life out of all of his victims. However to confuse his victims he completes his attire with a torn sleeve down his left arm.
Handiness: Right handed in most cases, though lacking in proficency he is still able to use his left in certain circumstances.


Personal History:
In the ancient ruins of earth a chamber was discovered of a being known as the Sovereign of Agony. While this was indeed an archeological find of the century, it was the organization behind the archeologists that was waiting in the dark to unearth this ancient relic. Before the chamber could be opened up, the organization seized control of the situation and the archeologists were forced to leave their highly anticipated find. Then the organization dug around the chamber and using the technology of a certain Dr. Breifs, they were able to transport the chamber and its contents with a capsule, totally unaware of the true discovery and the terror behind this Sovereign of Agony.

After many years of research, scientists funded by the organization were able to study the highly complex body of this ancient terror. Discovering that indeed the body was of origins outside of their planets known fields of study they decided to use brain impulse registration or BIR to reprogram this beings mind. Then under (blah.. im tired of typing so heres the low down.)

1. They reanimate the tissue while implementing the BIR in the process
2. They train the creature to learn languages based off of the rosetta stone and simple modern technologies
3. The organization disposes of the scientists.
4. The organization implements military exercises to train the creature to become their own personal weapon.
5. The creature through years of training breaks the BIR and its old memories resurface.
6. The creature kills its immediate captives in the most inhumane way possible.
7. The organization try to lock down the facility, but under estimate the true power of the creature, who in turn escapes the facility.
8. The creature realizing his name to be Anguish infiltrates and kills off the members of the base of operations.
9. The political party associated with the organization use their military ties to bomb the facility; however, Anguish has already escaped.
10. The political party denies any such activities and the knowledge of the entire operation dissolve.
11. Reports of a psychopathic killer begins to hit the news.
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PostSubject: Re: Anguish   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:15 am

I can see what you mean, sometimes I get tired of writing too, approved,

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