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 Master Roshi's Magazines

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PostSubject: Master Roshi's Magazines   Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:17 am


Dracohn, was inside the capital building of E.D.F, he knew that even with the entire Earth's military, he wouldn't be completely protected, and someday someone would be able to get by them. So, Dracohn started to do research on various masters, he then saw Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit. Dracohn then started to make his way to Master Roshi's island, he had to go by helicopter, he couldn't fly, he couldn't even manipulate ki at all. When the helicopter landed, Dracohn stepped out, and Master Roshi had a grim look on his face. Master Roshi ran up to him, " Have you seen my babies?! I mean my magazines?! " Master Roshi said loudly and questioningly. Dracohn looked at him with his usual emotionless look, ' Magazines? Oh wait, according to the records, hes a pervert. ' Dracohn thought. " Why should I look for your magazines? " Dracohn said, " I'll. . . I'll do anything for my babies! I mean magazines! " Master Roshi said. " Fine, then you train me, " Dracohn said, " D. . Deal! Anything for my magazines. . I mean babies, Gah! I mean magazines! Just go find them! Ok?! " Master Roshi said.

After that, Dracohn began his search, he went inside master Roshi's house, and found a magazine on the couch. ' Its just laying there, its in plain sight, how can it be lost? ' Dracohn thought, he picked it up, and handed it to master Roshi. " Th. . . Thank you! " Master Roshi said, as he grabbed the magazine out of Dracohn's hand. Dracohn then began to walk around the island, to find a magazine inside a crab's claw. Dracohn reached for the magazine, the crab then tried to attack Dracohn with its other claw. Dracohn pulled his hand back but at the same time he reached for the magazine with his other hand, and he pulled it out of the crabs claw. Dracohn then went to Master Roshi, who was reading the other magazine, he then gave it to master Roshi and began to search for the last magazine. Dracohn saw the last magazine almost immediately, but it was in the water, Dracohn grabbed it, and gave it to master Roshi. " NO! My baby! I mean magazine! RUINED! " Master Roshi shouted out. " Now, for my training, " Dracohn said, " Oh, you finding my magazines was training, " Master Roshi said, with a small smirk. " What? Oh, " Dracohn said,
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PostSubject: Re: Master Roshi's Magazines   Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:41 am


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Master Roshi's Magazines
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