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 Another day in school

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PostSubject: Another day in school   Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:39 pm

It was Tuesday, Shargen was at school, it wasn't a usual day, it wasn't, bland and boring as it usually was. Shargen noticed this, he then activated his scanners, and everyone was acting normal, there readings were normal, everything was normal. But for some reason, it looked a bit unusual. Shargen didn't know why but he was going to find out. Shargen then activated another scanner, and began to read the minds of other students, he still found nothing of interest, ' Dang, whats different? ' Shargen thought. Shargen was determined, and he kept reading more and more students minds to find out what was different, ' Maybe its the teachers, but i'll have to find out later. ' Shargen thought.
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Another day in school
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