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 Emergency E.D.F News Broadcast

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PostSubject: Emergency E.D.F News Broadcast   Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:09 pm

* All channels are disrupted *

' Rerouting to new signal ' appears on screen.

* Blue E.D.F Logo appears on screen, then minimizes and appears at the bottom left corner of the screen. News reporter appears. *

" Welcome to E.D.F news, we have disrupted all signals and rerouted them, we have some very important news for all of the citizens of Earth. " The reporter says, then grabs another stack of papers. " Today, Earth is invaded, by aliens. " The reporter says, the screen then goes to another camera, and its recording the battle. It shows aliens of various races attacking E.D.F soldiers. Then it zooms in on a changeling, and it launched a death beam at Kurosi hitting him. The recorder appears from the left side of the camera. " As you can see, were being invaded, and it seems that changeling is their leader. The E.D.F forces are doing there best and then this Saiyan appeared to the scene. " The reporter said then he pointed at Kurosi, " This Saiyan appears to be our ally, Saiyans are a destructive humanoid race, and in the past, they have tried to destroy Earth numerous times but failed. Who defeated them? Another Saiyan, a Saiyan that named Kakkarot, but he goes by the name Goku. He has defeated these evil Saiyans, and has saved the Earth more times than anyone else has. " The Reporter said.

* Theres a bright flash and then a blue wave *

" What. . . What was that!? " The reporter said, " Blutz wave, stand back! " A E.D.F Officer said to the news reporter. " Stay tuned in, we will be back with more news as the battle goes on. . . " The news reporter said, the camera man then zoomed in on the battle.
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Emergency E.D.F News Broadcast
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