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 Nuchiha's departure

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PostSubject: Nuchiha's departure   Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:52 pm

Nuchiha was on his throne, and then someone barged into the doors. " King! We have some bad news! " The man said, " If it doesn't involve me or the Saiyan race, I don't care. " Nuchiha said, " But sir! ITS A CHANGELING! " The man said, " Oh, ANOTHER changeling, what is it this time? " Nuchiha said. " Well, the changeling is killing Kurosi. " The man said, " Kurosi who? " Nuchiha said. " Kurosi Yoto, we sent him to Earth, remember? " The man said, " Oh, Kurosi, we sent him to Earth. And let me guess, hes having trouble with a weak changeling? I'm going to go to Earth, I don't want this changeling to get strong enough to destroy the Saiyan race, Frieza almost did that. . . " Nuchiha said, as he left the room. He went into another room, he went inside his Grand ship. The pilot set coordinates for Earth,

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Nuchiha's departure
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