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Terran Lockheart
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PostSubject: Terran   Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:06 pm


Name: Lockheart, Terran
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: half Saiyan/half tiens race(third eye race)
Special Characteristics: A third eye on his forehead and he has his Saiyan tail.
Personality: Terran can be a very interesting person once you get to know him. He has a slight Gallic accent that is rather random since no one else in the area sounds like him. He loves the rain, cold, dark, dreary whether, but he does hate snow. He enjoys reading, learning, and mental stimulation that is often hard to find. He is a masochist which can be useful in combat, but nowhere else as he is celibate. He is hardworking, as he believes that you should earn and deserve all that you have. His favorite foods are shrimp, cheese, and rare meat.

Terran's emotions are something that few ever see. He does not, and he wonders sometimes if he can. He feels no love, nor need of love, though his friends truly are is life. He is rarely what people would call happy because life has shown him when a person is happy, bad things follow. Hatred and anger seem to be the most common emotions after his normal neutral mood. When asked does he feel empty he will reply with "Though I long to be whole, I am used to the void".

Terran is viewed as a very loyal, trustworthy, and as a guidance give person. People usually take there problems to him and ask for help. When it comes down to his socialization with others he gets along better with females, though he firmly believes that he will never find one to love. He says he can not love, nor be loved and despite people telling him differently, he will reply by saying "Speak not of deeds you yourself wont commit". That usually stops the topic for the day. He does get along with males as well but finds most men to be rude, piggish, and and arrogant to an overly high level. He has a few male friends and that is fine. He would rather have few real friends then many that are not true.

His learning process is do to his natural skill in being able to see something and do it. This skill allows him to see something and almost have its idea and make up perfected. This is thanks to his high intelligence that allows his mind sharper, clearer focus and precision. This skill is also applied to an item or place he examines. His mind naturally undergoes a breakdown process and pieces it back together. This trait will sometimes leave him in a blank state that looks like he is in a daydream. His personal record for a rubix cube is 38 seconds to to applying a very simple algorithm.

His battle tactics are on a very brutal level. He uses his adept mind to figure out his foe quickly and strike, dealing finishing blows as fast as he can. He only feels the need to draw out a fight when his foe is actually a challenge, forcing him to stay on his toes. Terran has pride in his skills but is far from cocky, he knows that there are real tough opponents out there. Even on foes that are obviously weaker he will treat with some level of caution, better to over estimate then to under.


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Color: White/Platinum
Hair Style: Nedium length hung down and spiky at the tips.
Skin Tone: pale
Build: Tall, toned, fit, acrobatic.
Appearance :
Terran is a tall young man who has a very fit and toned body stature. His skin has a pale complexion with flawless skin. Terran has dichromatic eyes, meaning two different colors. His right eye is blue while the left eye is brow, then there is his third eye wich is half blue and half brown. Terran's hair is naturally a silver, gray, platinum, and white mixture to form a nifty color that is often not seen as a hair color. The length of his hair is medium and is kept in a spiky fashion. His tail is the same color has his hair.

For Terrans torso he dawns a black blazer that buttons up the torso. Over that he wears a torn black leather trench coat. The bottom has been shredded and instead of being as long as normal it is torn so it is at pelvis level. A few bits of the shredded remains of the former length can still be seen. Also the sleeves of the leather trench coat have a zipper that unzips at the wrist to right below the elbow. Terran also wears a pair of cobalt blue gloves.

For pants he wears black, denim pants that go down and cover the top part of Terran's black, steal toe, leather boots that have black laces. Terran wears a black belt that has a raised square pattern on them with a "X" located on the right of the belt.


Personal History:

( PUT A FULL HISTORY, please put in arcs, )
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