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 Dracohn, at HQ

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PostSubject: Dracohn, at HQ   Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:37 pm

Dracohn was at the E.D.F HQ, it was the most heavily fortified, the most heavily guarded, and the most secretive base on Earth. Dracohn was in his office, and a scientist came in opening the door, " Sir, the Battle Armor is ready. " The Scientist said. " Good, where is it? " Dracohn asked, " Right here, the scientist said, as he brought in a box, he then left Dracohn's office. Dracohn opened the box, inside it was a black colored armor, Dracohn put it on, it looked tight, but it wasn't. Dracohn went into the hallway, where the scientist was waiting, " Sir, let me explain, how to use the armor. " The scientist said. The Scientist then injected Dracohn with some sort of shot, " Wait, what?? " Dracohn said, as he motioned away before he was injected. " Sir, its nanomachines, its not necessary but it will help. " The Scientist said. " How will it help? " Dracohn asked, " Well, it would allow us to keep track of your health, it would also enhance your reaction time, speed, strength, and many other things. " The scientist said, he then paused and reached for the shot, " And were going to test something, the first ID gun. Its a gun, that only works for the person with a certain Nanomachine ID. " The scientist said. " Fine, " Dracohn said, then the scientist injected Dracohn with nanomachines, " Ok, now i'll explain the armor. The armor, can reflect light, making you nearly invisible, and it can change colors, emit holograms, and many things. To use the armor, it can be mere thought, or you can use the miniature computer on the left arm. " The scientist said, he then paused, " And, the armor has a AI, the AI's name, is, err, we haven't decided yet. " The scientist said. He then grabbed out a SOCOM MK. 23, " This is the only gun that we have developed to using a ID system. " The scientist said as he gave it to Dracohn. Dracohn then used the miniature computer on the left arm to make the armor reflect light to look like as if he were wearing his normal uniform.

Commander in Chief of E.D.F
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Dracohn, at HQ
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