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 Protect the Bank

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PostSubject: Protect the Bank   Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:18 am

Dakon entered the Chief's office. "You called me?" Dakon said to the chief. "Yeah...I heard you knew the kamehameha. So...You've trained under roshi?" The Chief asked Dakon. "Yes I have Chief." Dakon said then nodding his head. "Hmm...You could be exactly what we need. Look, we know that a local God Father is planning on assaulting a bank today. We can't send a huge force in, or he'll bring the big guns and overwhelm us." We need an officer who isn't well known, is strong and can handle himself well. That's you." The Chief explained. Dakon nodded and said, "I'll do this chief. I'll stop him here. I promise." Dakon said, a determined look on his face. "Ok. Call me at this number once the job is done. Good luck." The Chief said, handing Dakon a small slip of paper with his cell number on it.

Dakon walked casually along the street to the bank. He saw a few people, passed a few shops. It was quiet and peaceful for now, as it should be. Dakon knew though, things were about to get hectic. He saw then bank and went around to the back. A bank guard questioned him, but dakon showed him his badge. The guard nodded and opened the door. Dakon entered. Ready to stop these crooks. He was about to show them that occasionally...Good guys finished first.

The robbers entered with guns in their hands. The leader of them was doing the talking and had a tommy gun. He shouted, "On the grou..." That was all he could say before Dakon dashed out of the shadow of the corner and gave him a hard gut punch. He disarmed him and broke the gun. The others tried to fire but Dakon was ready. He quickly cupped his hands and charged energy to them. He shouted as he charged..."Kaaaa Meeee Haaaa Meeee...Haaaa!" A huge blue beam of energy smashed into them all and propelled them out the door. As well as destroying a portion of the wall. Dakon walked casually over to one of the tellers. He asked to use their phone and he got one. He pulled the slip of paper out of his pocket and called the number. "Ok. Their...Gone. I'm positive." He said to The Chief over the phone before hanging up and giving it back.

Dakon walked out of the bank, Using the hole in the front wall. He walked down the street and looked around as he did. He'd showed these scum he was going to fight for peace. He'd shown the police they have an ally. He'd shown himself that he could fight, that he was ready. He continued to walk. Noticing the same shops that he had before. Most of them were at the bank now, looking at the situation. Dakon arrived back at the station, and was greeted warmly. Feeling like...A hero.
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PostSubject: Re: Protect the Bank   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:51 pm

Approved, this is a nice RP.

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Protect the Bank
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