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 Sacred Water

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PostSubject: Sacred Water   Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:53 pm


Dracohn was still at Korin's tower, he wondered around, " You know, if you need something to do, and want to be stronger. . . " Korin said. He then paused for a moment, " You can drink this sacred water. " Korin said, as he motioned his hand towards a bottle of water. " But you have to catch me and hold me down! " Korin said, as he ran off. Dracohn began to chase Korin, Dracohn knew that the odds were in his favor, due to his battle armor, and he is the strongest Human alive. Dracohn almost got Korin, but failed, he then jumped towards Korin, and almost fell out of the tower. Dracohn then just stopped, " What? You give up already? " Korin said, as he walked towards Dracohn, " Hah, not everyone can catch me. " Korin said. Dracohn the jumped on Korin, and held him down, " Ah, you got me. . . Here. . . " Korin said, as he gave Dracohn the sacred water, Dracohn drank the water, but with no effect. " This, this is normal water! " Dracohn said, with a little anger. " I know, but catching me made you faster and stronger. " Korin said. " Hmm, I guess your right. . . " Dracohn mumbled to himself, he was stronger and faster due to this, assignment. . .

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PostSubject: Re: Sacred Water   Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:24 pm

Ehhh, I guess its approved, I know you can do better Dracohn, luckily for me you didn't do like a essay long RP for a easy quest this time. This is a little too small, but barely. Anyways approved,

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Sacred Water
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