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 The God Father

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Name: Nuchiha Saiya Revan
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PostSubject: The God Father   Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:32 pm


Shortly after the battle with the changeling, Nuchiha was confronted by a man, " Whoa man, you don't mess around do you? Well, there is a job that needs to be done, and you look more than capable. " The man said. " What is this, job? " Nuchiha asked, " Well, the police is recruiting new recruits, we need to show them we aren't messing around anymore, kill them, how much? As much as you like. " The man said. " DEAL! " Nuchiha said, he was excited he just got to do something, violent, Nuchiha made his way to the nearest city, which was, fortunately, the right city. Nuchiha went to the police station, and he saw multiple recruits just, messing around, Nuchiha raised his hand, and launched a ki blast, instantly killing them. The alarm went off, Nuchiha got excited, police men came rushing in, firing their guns, but with no effect. Nuchiha killed them with just one ki blast, Nuchiha went up into the air, and made it rain ki blasts on the police station.

The police station was soon leveled to the ground, Nuchiha landed, and he saw people run in fear. " WHOA. I was right, you were more than capable, that was the cities toughest cops, and you killed them all, " The man said, he paused, " Just like that. " He said, as he snapped his fingers. " You know what? Come to this address when your ready for another job. " The man said, as he handed Nuchiha a paper with a address on it,

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Name: Dracohn
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PostSubject: Re: The God Father   Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:33 pm

Approved, I wonder why Baki and admin are never on to grade or to do staff jobs.

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The God Father
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